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Town of White Mountain

Did you know that Montalban was derived from the Spanish words, monte and alban? Monte means mountain, and Alban comes from the word Alba meaning white Just imagine how puzzled you’d be after hearing the meaning of the words where the name Montalban had been derived, only to leave you clueless with the derivation that failed to connect WHITE in the total picture. Please […]

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Conquer The Climb

The POWER OF FAITH had made Erik Weihenmayer to finish his two-day trek in the craggy heights of Montalban, Rizal on June 5, 2008. His experience may not had been easy at first, please read on how he conquered the climb in spite of his blindness. Who is Erik Weihenmayer? Erik Weihenmayer is an American adventurer, […]

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From NAIA Terminal 3 To Montalban

Going to Montalban from NAIA Terminal 3 is now made available for you step-by-step. The driving time is approximately 1-2 hours with a distance of around 40 kilometers. Here are the two (2) routes that you can use in getting to Montalban considering Montalban Municipal Hall as the endpoint. Have a SAFE DRIVE!!! From NAIA Terminal 3 to Montalban Municipal […]

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