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Town of White Mountain

Did you know that Montalban was derived from the Spanish words, monte and alban?

Monte means mountain, and
Alban comes from the word Alba meaning white

Just imagine how puzzled you’d be after hearing the meaning of the words where the name Montalban had been derived, only to leave you clueless with the derivation that failed to connect WHITE in the total picture. Please continue reading and let us learn together…

Limestone Crags and Marble Boulders

I love looking at the picturesque view of the mountains surrounding our place especially when they’re so green that it speaks of the place’s abundance. The picture below was taken from Wawa dated November 3, 2012. The  two(2) mountains were called Mt. Pamitinan(left) and Mt. Binikayan(right). They were the two (2) mountains represented in Rodriguez (Montalban) Logo. These two were also best known in the legend of Bernardo Carpio. The uncovered portions of the mountains were encircled to show that they were truly white.

Montalban Twin Mountains 1.3 rev img

When I was in my elementary years in school, I kept on associating Wawa in Romblon, Philippines because of its marbles which I’d seen from my book. I was amazed by its color and well-polished look, which made me love that cute glassy-looking circle marbles as a treasure toy – I thought it was made of real marbles. Little did I know that for real our place has something to claim about marbles. According to the book entitled The Philippine Islands written by John Foreman,

“In 1888 surface (boulder) marble was being cut near Montalbán (Rizal) under contract with the Dominican friars to supply them with it for their church in Manila. It was of a motley whitish colour, polished well, and a sample of it sent by me to a marble-importer in London was reported on favourably.”

Due to the consolidation and separation proceedings between Montalban and San Mateo, the marble cutting place might had been within the municipality of San Mateo during that time and was later on become part of Montalban when it had been proclaimed as an independent municipality. We will try to see for any available facts or writings to elaborate on this in the future.

Montalban Marbles 1.0 rev img

The White Mountain

The presence of limestone crags and marble boulders was the origin of naming the town of Montalban, hence, it was acknowledged as the town of White Mountain. Evidently, such naming made a lot of sense and simplicity.

What’s In It for Montalban and Montalbeños

I am hoping that my dear friend Carla, a history guru and Mr. Tan, my world history teacher and my inspiration in my General Information pursuit could help me more in explaining the importance of discovering something historical. 🙂 Here is my take:

The purpose of learning about the existence of limestone crags and marble boulders is getting to know Montalban and its natural characteristics as, we; Montalbeños discover new things about who we are. Living life being guided by our natural potentials or gifts would give us a great advantage towards achieving our highest goals. In addition, knowing history will help Montalban to build its identity and confidently live with pride as a naturally blessed municipality.

Through the contents of MontalbanRizal.com, I am hoping that Montalban will be given an opportunity to SPEAK AS ONE and will have a FULL-BLOWN VISION about the future for the common good. May ALL the INTENTIONS be as PURE as WHITE and CHARACTERS be like a WELL-POLISHED MARBLE.



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For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope. – Romans 15:4 NIV 

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  1. Loes says:

    What a beautiful describtion you have made of your country along with the pictures, hope I live long enough to get the chance to visit all those places I now visit only on the internet, amazing view, thank you Jhen

    • Thank you for taking the time to visit my website, Loes. I would be happy to personally tour you around if you get the chance to come in our place. You are an inspiration and still with a lot to give in the world, Loes. Wishing you are always in good shape. Long live!

  2. Alejandra says:

    What a nice site, at first I thought you were talking about Monte Alban Mexico, now I know there is one in the Philippines, I love all about your site, the layout looks very nice and clear, and you describe beautifully your place. Good luck!!

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    Hi Sergs,
    Great content and nicely organize, it is in fact I can navigate your site with ease. Anyway, I know a thing or two about the Philippines. I think you are doing it great and hope that by doing so you will be able to encourage others Philippinos to do so too. Will be visiting your site again for new update. So, do have a great day and hope to catch you around.

  4. joe says:

    This is such an amazing site, and the images are really beautiful makes me want to plan my next vacation to the town of white mountain 🙂